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Time to change a MATTRESS

Things to consider when buying a mattress.
Before going to the store for a new bed, you should specify
what is the most important to you: cost, size or health? And do not hesitate to try a mattress in the store. Lie down, take different poses, especially those that are asleep.


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Isn't it time to change a bed?

Platform Bed

How often do you spend sleepless nights, tossing and turning in bed and trying to get comfortable, and next morning wake up tired and worn? Of course, you can blame the mosquitoes, you can blame the Moon or magnetic storms. But perhaps the reason for it - your bed. It can be both friend and foe. Is your bed good enough?

Normal life of the bed - about ten years. If the owner is overweight, it can be damaged even faster. In addition, the needs and preferences change with age. Do we need a new bed? Respond several simple questions:

- Does it hurt my neck or lower back after sleep?
- Isn't bad too small?
- Do not springs and irregularities bother you?
- Are not we pushed to a mid-bed with my spouse?
- Is not distorted the bottom of the bed?

Good bed creates the maximum comfort and meets individual needs of our body. Most beds consist of a body and a mattress, with the convenience mainly depends on the mattress. Mattress consists of several parts. First comes the upholstery fabric that connects all the parts together, followed by layers of filler, which makes a soft bed and allow it to absorb the moisture of your body. The third part, which determines the elasticity and density of the mattress, as a rule, is based on the springs of tempered steel. There are different ways of elasticity, but the general rule is: the more the springs and thicker the wire, from which they are cooked, the greater the elasticity.

Recently, widely used foam and latex mattresses, they are lighter spring. But a good mattress is well only when it meets the base of the bed, under which he usually is developed. Deep, like a box enclosure is shock absorber, allows the mattress to breathe and thus prolongs its life. There are beds and a semi-open head, made of solid metal or wooden slats and springs that provide ventilation of the mattress. Depending on the elasticity of rails and springs, the bottom can be solid or flexible.

How to choose a bed?

    * Convenience and support. The mattress should be firm, as a board. Too rigid bed can exacerbate back problems. Listen to your body, and it tells you what is best for you. Lie on your back. If you can stick your hand under his back, but the hand is hard, and if you can safely turn around, then the mattress is right for you on the elasticity. A good mattress should provide such support to the body that would have remained the backbone even when you're lying on its side. A stout man needs a firm bed.
    * Width. Choose a bed that will not hamper the freedom of movement. If you buy a bed for a couple, remember that a standard width double bed each adult play place no more than a child in the crib.
    * Completion. If possible, buy a mattress and frame in a set that will provide you with comfort and prudent your spine from overloading. The old bottom can damage the new mattress, as well as affect the warranty of the manufacturer.
    * Health problems. Of course, they are different. If you are allergic to dust or organic materials, which are stuffed mattresses (eg, algae), then you may fit mattress with synthetic fibers, or foam. It should be noted that the allergens are not going to bed with rack in the bottom and water mattresses. Water mattresses can also distribute body weight evenly, so it is suitable for those who tolerate painful compression of body parts in contact with the bed. For elderly people should pay heed to the height of the bed. Your feet should touch the floor when you sit on the edge of the bed. In addition, it will be easier to get up and go to bed if the bed hard.
    * Quality. Often we have the expression "Miserly pay twice." Therefore, based on their means, buy the best quality bed.
    * Dimensions. If you have limited living space, you might think about buying a bed, which rises to a wall or open a cupboard. Another option - to buy a foam mattress, which is easy to deploy on the floor. These mattresses are sold for sofa beds with pull-out rack mechanism.

Double Bed, Single Bed or King Size Bed? Healthy sleep and luxury of comfort

Super King Size Bed

Success of the whole day depends directly on your mood while waking up. To feel good in the morning, you need to organize bedroom design in that way everything in it delightes an eye. And, of course, a fundamental part of the bedroom suite is a bed. It should be easy, since this depends directly on your health, as well as beautiful, that the pledge of a good mood. If comfort bed is largely determined by the quality of the mattress, then the appearance - the quality of wood material of the frame.

Beds of wood compare with beds of CPD in terms of durability and attractive appearance. High-quality wooden bed lasts decades. Subtle details, bed is made of, in fact, play a very important role. With a bad fitting a double bed would squeak and quickly will become worthless. When making beds, solid wood, offered in our online shop furniture, used quality fasteners and fittings to exclude extraneous sounds when using the bed and ensure the longevity of the design. You can buy a bed with a mattress or just a wooden bed frame.

Mattress: Soft or Firm?

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Do you need firm or soft mattress? The answer to this question depends on two factors. First, from the posture in which you prefer to sleep. For example, if you sleep on your side, your body is experiencing increased pressure at two points: in the shoulder and hip. In order to retain the natural curvature of the spine, a mattress should provide a "retraction" of the shoulders and hips and at the same time maintain good rest of the body. So you fit the soft mattress. If you sleep on your back, spine support is needed only in the pelvic area. Selecting a mattress, in this case depends on how comfortable you feel on it. When you're lying on your stomach, it is the only point of pressure that prevents proper spinal curves. Choose a very hard mattress or change a habit! Second, the rigidity of the mattress depends on your individual characteristics - height and weight. However, in most cases it is recommended to choose a mattress medium hard, but not all people are alike. Our table will help you make a mistake in choosing.

What Of?
So, we have identified a suitable hardness mattress, but it's not all. It is also important material of the mattress. You need to know what means the inscription on the label of the mattress:

Polyurethane foam (PUR foam)
This means that the mattress is made of flexible, elastic material, which keeps its shape well. The high density of the mattress makes it preferable for people with more weight and increase durability. Polyurethane foam is not very good moisture absorption, so these mattresses should be aired more often.

Polyurethane high elasticity (HR foam)
It is produced in a special way that allows it to be more resilient, flexible and have a greater density than conventional foam. In addition, this material is better restores the form, has a longer life.

Memory foam (Memory foam, "NASA" foam)
Very flexible polyurethane foam with hollow cells, which allow the mattress to breathe and help to evenly distribute the pressure of the body. Material changes its shape depending on temperature and, hence, has the ability to accurately follow the contours of the body. It provides excellent support for the back, which allows to relax the muscles.

Natural latex
The natural material extracted from the tree Hevea, highly and very durable. It clearly follows the contours of the body and evenly distributes the weight of the man, very good moisture absorption, and most importantly - "breathes. In addition, natural latex antiallergichen. The process of obtaining latex from the tree and turning it into a mattress requires a very long time, and therefore the price of natural latex mattress is high.

Synthetic latex
This material simulates the quality of natural latex. Often, natural and synthetic latex are mixed at the factory. Synthetic latex is very elastic, flexible and resilient. Compared with mattresses of conventional and highly elastic foam mattresses made of synthetic latex has several advantages: better keep their shape, are longer and better absorb moisture.

Latest Articles

Choosing a mattress: Experts Advice

Buying a mattress, the customer should pay attention to some important points that will help make him the right choice. Today, not all sellers offer to try a particular mattress in details - in most cases, customers shop offering a good touch and examine the content sold in the outlet models. But to lie on the mattress, and imagine, how would it be to sleep, is not always possible. Here we describe the more successful way to purchase the mattress when the seller lets visitors to lie down and make an informed purchase.

The first probable problem is in reversing from side to side. On a good mattress you can spin as much as you want - comfort while spinning still guaranteed. At a comfortable mattress is also good to be in any position: on his stomach on his back on his side, or even arbitrarily. In other words, "an example" for his mattress, must necessarily lie on it in a position where you usually relax during sleep. By the way, choosing a mattress, you can immediately try and get a comfortable cushion when in the store, where you come, they are on sale.

It is important to consider who will sleep on a mattress: spouses or a single person. In the first case it is better to lie on a mattress for two - in that case you make a right decision. It is possible that spouses prefer a completely different type of mattresses, and in this case should not compromise - better to buy a set of two narrow mattress. As a result, everyone will get what he wanted, and not depend on each other. A top can be in the bed of the two mattresses can be put another one - a thin, thus uniting them. If your ideas of comfort are different, buy two separate mattress. By the way, a thin mattress and even extend the life of a thick mattress and the bed will be slightly higher.

So what is your dream mattress look like? If we talk about the degree of firmness, then you need to know that it must comply with the mass of the person who will sleep on a mattress. Here is the rule: the smaller the weight of sleep, the less severe may be a mattress, and vice versa. Mattresses differ in their rigidity. They are represented in the stores in a huge number. And of them you can choose exactly what you need. Now more about the pose asleep. Many people have a favorite pose, in which they spend in sleep most of the time. For example people sleeping on their backs should care about the neck and waist not "sagging" in a dream, and maintained. This will ensure the mattress has an average firmness. But the softer model simply will bend where it is undesirable. For those who loves to sleep on stomach, it is better to choose the hard mattress. But if you're sleeping usually on one side then fit a mattress softer - so your spine in a dream will remain flat position, which is very important for the health of the spine.


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